Mailing the Invitations

1. Envelope Addressing (optional)

Envelope addressing (printing of individual guest names & addresses using coordinating font type and ink color) is available for most outer envelope types purchased as part of an invitation set.

Step 1 »

Download and fill in the guest names & addresses on the following EXCEL TEMPLATE

Step 2 »

EMAIL us the filled out spreadsheet as an attachment referencing you Order #

2. Mailing the Invitations / Postage

Invitations sets using the pocket fold and the matching A7 size mailing envelope can be mailed via USPS First Class Mail service as a letter (2 to 3 business days) for around $1.35 per set depending on final shipping weight (up to 3.5 oz). Postage should include a “non-machinable” surcharge due to the fact that the envelopes are not bendable and will need to be hand sorted as opposed to machine fed.  See the following USPS website for more information regarding the weight and dimension limits for items sent as a letter.

Before purchasing postage or stamps, it is strongly recommended to visit a local USPS post office in person with an actual ship-ready invitation set to confirm shipping weight and actual postage required for mailing. When ready to mail them, we recommend dropping off your invitations in person to make sure the postal staff is aware that they will need to be hand sorted.

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