Clear Acrylic

Our most popular invitation material by far, clear acrylic has an elegant glass like appearance with a beautiful polished finish and laser engraving it creates a distinctive frosted white mark against the clear background.

Mirrored Acrylic

When working with mirrored acrylic, a reflective coating on the back is engraved away making the artwork appear translucent against the mirrored background. Mirrored acrylic is available in the following colors:

Unique Invitations

At nGrave Solutions we are proud to offer an assortment of unique engraved acrylic invitations and accessories for any occasion. You can browse our Invitation Collection for a selection of production ready invitation designs or provide your own design to be translated onto one of a kind acrylic statement pieces. We can also help you create a Custom Design around a particular theme or style you may have in mind for your invitations.

Wedding Invitations & Save the Dates

Impress your guests with a coordinating set of acrylic wedding invitations and Save the Date cards. Not only do these invitations provide for an instant statement piece, but they also lend modern yet elegant touch to your big day. Visit our sample gallery for some inspiration and ideas about incorporating acrylic into your wedding theme.

Birthday, Sweet Sixteen and Bar & Bat Mitzvah Invitations

While the clear acrylic invitations with their classic elegance tend to be primary choice for wedding invitations, our mirrored acrylic invitations available in a selection of youthful colors and matching printed accessories tend to be the preferred choice birthday and Bar & Bat Mitzvah celebrations.